The Head of the ensemble “Zartonk” Ghukas Ghukasyan was born in 1953 in the teacher’s family.
In 1964 he has entered the boarding school of Yerevan, at the meantime he has attended dancing school “Pari Petakan” the head of that school has been Hovsep Shamamyan. In 1969 he has left the music school and then has entered Yerevan Music Pedagogical – school by name Аram Khachatryan.

Possessing excellent qualifies of a dancer, he has danced as a soloist in many dances such as “Aparani katak par”, “Hovivneri par”, “Erzrum”, “Shoror” and so on.
In those years their ensemble has been to London, Moscow and has been given a diploma.
In 1973 fellow Ghukas became his teacher’s assistant due to his talent and diligence. Starting his activities as a dancing master, soon he showed his skills as a producer.
In 1979 he became the dancing master and the producer of the Ensemble “Barekamutyun”.
In 1995 he made up his mind to found his own dancing school and the latter was called “Renaissance”-“Zartonk”.
At Present this dancing school has 150 pupils.

On one occasion our dear dancing master has introduced his career in this way: “I’d decided to become a musician but at the age of 10 I met Honoured Teacher Hovsep Shamamyan and that was decisive for all my life. Though I got music education and finished pedagogical school, dancing became my life. When I was dancing in the Ensemble “Barekamutyun”, Shamamyan  appreciated  my dancing talent and qualifies and in 1971 he admitted me to  his ensemble as an assistant.

Since 1972 I’ve worked as a dancing master, and I’ve begun to produce different dances. At that time I was 20. Each artist dreams of working alone. So I wasn’t an exception, I was rather experienced, professional and in 1995 I was able to establish the ensemble “Zartonk” ...””.
It is not a profession to be a dancing master, I think, it is a title, as one should have inborn talent and qualifies to deal with children and teach them dancing. Mr. Ghukas has taught dancing hundreds of pupils who have become famous dancers. He fully deserves this honour  to be the leader of the ensemble “Zartonk”.

Project “National Dance”

In 2009 the TV company “Shant” organized the project “National Dance” and the best dancing master took part in it. The head of the project was Karen Gevorgyan. The price winners of the project were Ghukas’s pupils – Sargis Grigoryan and Seda Khachatryan.


Different Opinions about Ghukas Ghukasyan
“I have known him since his childhood. His diligence can be a vivid example for many dancing masters.
We have worked together for many years and there has never been any situation that I could doubt his abilities. Among my pupils he has always been distinguished by his frankness and comprehension. His musical qualities helped me a lot in the production of different dances. I’m very glad that nowadays he is a very famous dancing master, lovely leader, whose pupils will become the real continuators of Armenian art of dancing.”
Hovsep Shamamyan
The head of the ensemble “Barekamutyan”
Honoured Teacher of the Republic of Armenia.
He was a gifted dancer when he was dancing in my group. Later he became a soloist and showed a great executive talent. Today he is a gifted dancing master, famous teacher and he teaches a hundreds of pupils to dance. Ghukas is very hardworking, hones and his pupils can learn from him a lot of necessary things to become good (real) dancers.
Vardges Rashidyan
Honoured Artist of the Republic of Armenia.

I can tell about him only the best things. The great diligence that he produced while working with children deserves a high mark. If we didn’t have such dancing masters as Ghukas Ghukasyan and the other, our national art of dancing would not survive.
Vanush Khanamiryan
People’s Artist of the Republic of Armenia.
I enjoyed greatly when I watched the performance of his ensemble “Zartonk” and this proves how much he loves his pupils and his job. I wish him to have great success in this sphere and never be separated from his pupils.
Norayr Mehrabyan
Honoured Artist of the Republic of Armenia.
The Head of the ensemble “Barekamutyun”.

I’ve known him as a dancer I’ve watched all his dances and I’ve always admired his executive skill. Watching the performances produced by his ensemble I made sure that he is a talented teacher. When the dancer becomes a dancing master, he must be an inborn teacher, and like children. Today, the performances of his ensemble prove that he likes his profession and his pupils. And we can say that any work done with devotion gets good results.
Boris Gevorgyan
Honoured Artist.
The Head of the ensemble “Berd”
Hovsep Shamamyan has had a lot of pupils, but, in my opinion, Ghukas is the real continuator of his work. He is always full of energy, active and restless. When I watched the performance of his ensemble “Zartonk” I felt his pedagogical power and I could notice that power and energy in each dancer. And all this is the result of his hard work.
I’m sure that all his pupils will have brilliant future.
Suren Gyanjumyan
Honoured Artist of the Republic of Armenia.
The Head of the Ensemble “Kanar-Arabeir”.

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